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  • Blank Slate
    Blank Slate A warm inviting complement to the front yard was the goal here. We added a sitting bench for pause.
  • Planting Bed
    Planting Bed Narrow birch trees create the backbone and will eventual screen unintended views.
  • Entry Garden Overview
    Entry Garden Overview A balance of hardscapes and landscape plantings creates this gorgeous entry!
  • Bareroot hedge and B&B Evergreens
    Bareroot hedge and B&B Evergreens We planted 120+ bareroot Hedge Cotoneaster in early June and they all survived! Spruce and Pine.
  • Pergola End details
    Pergola End details Options are endless for unique pergola designs
  • Foundation Upgrade
    Foundation Upgrade A mixture of ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials brighten up this home.
  • Cedar Deck
    Cedar Deck Low Deck with bench surrounds
  • Paver patterns and colors
    Paver patterns and colors One of a kind outdoor space implements multiple colors and patterns for a completely unique look.
  • Patio Entrance
    Patio Entrance After 10 years- still beautiful!
  • Entry Landing Steps
    Entry Landing Steps Classic herringbone pattern in a red/black brick color.
  • Brick Patterns with Borders
    Brick Patterns with Borders Basketweave pattern with contrasting solider course border.
  • Stone Step Slabs
    Stone Step Slabs These steps leading down to the lake look great even after 10 years.
  • Brick Circle
    Brick Circle Circles are fun! Here we've combined 3 colors for a unique look.
  • Steppers
    Steppers Easy access paths that cut through the landscaping to get from driveway to lawn.
  • Multi Patterns
    Multi Patterns Curves and random cobble unite!
  • Planter Wall
    Planter Wall This short wall helps hide the block foundation of home and creates bonus sitting space on the patio
  • Two Tier Planter
    Two Tier Planter Custom design to enhance a blank space in front of a fence and create gardening space.
  • Short Retaining Wall
    Short Retaining Wall This wall only 18" high provides a stylized raised gardening space along the foundation of the home.
  • Classic Retaining Wall
    Classic Retaining Wall This 5' wall replaced a timber wall that was failing.
  • Short Retaining Wall
    Short Retaining Wall The wall provides a sharp looking edge to the foundation planting area and has a bonus of seating.
  • Pergola
    Pergola This custom designed pergola provides shade to the south side of this home.
  • Tree Ring Planter
    Tree Ring Planter The ground level block provides a clean mowing edge and adding one layer of block gives dimension.
  • Split Rail Fence
    Split Rail Fence A classic fence icon creates the perfect backdrop for perennials.
  • Sitting Wall and Columns
    Sitting Wall and Columns Create a unique entry area with a bench you never have to put away or worry about blowing away!
  • Textures and Color in Shade
    Textures and Color in Shade THe bluish rock creates the 'stream' feel to this space. Dark mulch creates contrast with plants.
  • Planters
    Planters These two planters flanking the new steps provide a balanced entry to this home.
  • Taming of the Overgrown mess
    Taming of the Overgrown mess This now inviting entry way is enhanced with smaller planting beds for lower maintenance.
  • Planter
    Planter At just 12" high this planter creates another dimension to the entry area.
  • Pergola
    Pergola Pergola covered garden paths
  • Water Feature
    Water Feature The pond with fountain incorporates the ledgestone as a cap element to a standard wall block base.
  • Front Entry Steps
    Front Entry Steps Wood steps over old concrete stoop
  • Multiple elements
    Multiple elements Planters, water feature caps, open wall and column are just a few things features in this garden.
  • Open Wall
    Open Wall This fun wall element doubles as a sitting wall (and 'catwalk' for the cats!).
  • Path through the woods
    Path through the woods Neglected back corner of property becomes a restful and interesting space.
  • Garden planter
    Garden planter This great elemnt creates a stylized square foot gardening bed with blueberries at the front entry.
  • Columns
    Columns Create a stately presence with 20" column accented with contrasting ledgestone and natural stone cap
  • Good Neighbor Fence
    Good Neighbor Fence Cedar makes for a lasting fence that ages to grey overtime unless you stain it.
  • Garden Elements
    Garden Elements Bird baths create great focal points and added bonus of interesting birds.
  • No project too small
    No project too small Removal of a shade tree changed the light in this entry space and required new plantings.
  • Columns and Sitting Walls
    Columns and Sitting Walls Backsplit wall block creates this sitting wall. The bullnose caps create a perfect rounded edge.
  • Gold foliage in shade
    Gold foliage in shade Foliage can be the best color option for shady areas. A gold bleeding heart fits the bill here.
  • Basement Access Wall
    Basement Access Wall This wall setup provides a little extra elbow room for basement access.
  • Pergola
    Pergola Solid construction from cedar timbers and concrete post holes
  • Entry Update
    Entry Update Some existing shrubs were left in place to give an established feel to this redo.
  • Pergola - options are endless
    Pergola - options are endless Our custom pergolas are built in place with quality materials and handcrafted to your design choices

Our Mission Statement: To create LANDSCAPES THAT GIVE BACK- through beauty of color choice and great design, regeneration of soil fertility, contribution to natural resources through sustainable practices and provision of healthy foods that can’t get any more local than your own property. - Amy Voight

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We love your work and you and your team will always be our 'go to' group for landscaping. Thanks for the chance to let you know how much I appreciate your work both at my home and at JE's. And actually at BR's also. Great job; we will call on you again! JK- Northfield MN

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