Landscaping contractors have seen the trend of installing hardscape surfaces of concrete pavers take the country by storm. The over 9.3 billon square feet of installed spaces in the US alone since 1998 shows we love our brick. The personality and artistry that can be accomplished with these segmental pavers is endless and every project can be unique. Another of the appealing factors of this landscape element is the idea that it is no maintenance . While this is mostly true there really needs to be an attitude of KNOW maintenance when it comes to our landscapes and hardscaping.

INSTALLATION COMPLETE- No touch ever again?

Now that you have that beautiful paver patio or sidewalk is it really a No maintenance part of your outdoor environment? It is true that a properly installed quality paver space will have a life span of 40- 50 years but it will come at a KNOW maintenance investment. As with any landscaping, nothing is truly No maintenance but when you are in the KNOW it will not be a money or time problem.


With emerging technology and product development there is a host of solutions available to protect, enhance or restore various Hardscape surfaces.

PROTECT- If your paver area includes a grill, outdoor kitchen or is a popular wine drinking area a sealer for stain protection can save you time and money when those accidental spills happen.

ENHANCE- Do you like the wet look your paver have after a rain? Do your sunny areas tend to have a washed out appearance in the strong sun? Is your patio older then 10 years and has a tired look? A variety of sealers add anywhere from a slight sheen to a wet gloss look to deepen the color of your pavers. These just depend on the look you want and are much like a deck stain for length of time between applications usually 3 years.

RESTORE- A good cleaning with a pressure washer and all purpose cleaner maybe just the ticket to give your tired space a face lift. If joint sand has disappeared over time or no longer seems to keep out the weeds and moss you may just need a fresh application of a polymeric sand or other joint sealer to provide that space filling once again.

Before launching into any Hardscape work be sure to check with the professionals in your area for your project to look it’s best. We can help out with some coaching or complete the necessary steps for you to bring the sparkle back! Call Amy at 507-581-6886 or email amy@vhiinc.com and schedule a site visit today.

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