Block projects- endless oppurtunities for creativity!

Click on links above for more ideas and product information. Check out our portfolio below for custom creations we have installed! Schedule your site visit today with us today so we can- Explore for the best solutions, Engage you in the custom design process and Empower you to complete your landscape goals.

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  • Two Tier Planter
    Two Tier Planter Custom design to enhance a blank space in front of a fence and create gardening space.
  • Short Retaining Wall
    Short Retaining Wall This wall only 18" high provides a stylized raised gardening space along the foundation of the home.
  • Short Retaining Wall
    Short Retaining Wall The wall provides a sharp looking edge to the foundation planting area and has a bonus of seating.
  • Tree Ring Planter
    Tree Ring Planter The ground level block provides a clean mowing edge and adding one layer of block gives dimension.
  • Sitting Wall and Columns
    Sitting Wall and Columns Create a unique entry area with a bench you never have to put away or worry about blowing away!
  • Planters
    Planters These two planters flanking the new steps provide a balanced entry to this home.
  • Planter
    Planter At just 12" high this planter creates another dimension to the entry area.
  • Water Feature
    Water Feature The pond with fountain incorporates the ledgestone as a cap element to a standard wall block base.
  • Multiple elements
    Multiple elements Planters, water feature caps, open wall and column are just a few things features in this garden.

Available in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes these concrete blocks provide an endless array of site features and design elements. From firepits to sitting walls to planters or entire outdoor kitchens we can find or create something that fits your need. Many companies offer kits for fireplaces, pizza ovens and grill centers and are easily customized to create one of a kind out door spaces.

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